Smart-Farming Technologies, tell us what you think!

10 November 2021

What is farmers’ view on new technologies in agriculture? What are farmers’ needs, interests, concerns and expectations in the adoption and use of smart agriculture technologies?

To bridge this gap, within the DEMETER project a dedicated survey has been launched. With these survey results, DEMETER can contribute to the body of knowledge regarding such technologies but also ensure farmers’ feedback is considered in the creation of new farming solutions.

The survey is available in several languages: English (link_ENG), Italian (link_ITA), French (link_FR), Romanian (link_RO), German (link_DE).

Increasing competitiveness, combating climate change, supporting generational turnover are 3 of the 9 objectives on which the CAP 2023-2027 is based and that will be pursued by each Member State in the manner that best suits national needs and potential and that will be reported in the Strategic Plans.

Research and innovation are key factors in supporting the achievement of the 3 objectives mentioned above, and in order for future actions to be effective, it is fundamental to question the world of agriculture.